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  • What method cleaning do you use?
    The method we prefer to use for carpet cleaning is hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction is the cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers.
  • How long will it take to clean my carpets?
    This varies due to the amount of soil, spots/stains, odor removal, and size of the job. You can typically expect around 20-30 minutes per room.
  • My carpet has ripples in it after it was cleaned. why did this happen?
    While the carpet is drying, the ripples should begin to return back to its original state. Generally this is a sign that the carpet was in need of re-stretching prior to the carpet leaning. If the carpet does not return to normal after the carpet has dried completely, contact Top Tier Cleaning Co. at (818) 813-8028 as soon as possible.
  • Are all carpet spot and stain removals guaranteed?
    There are substances that can permanently discolor fibers of your carpet. The type of carpet and the age of your carpet are also key factors. That being said we cannot guarantee the we will be able to remove all of the spots or stains. Our Technician will determine the possibility of removal prior to your cleaning although it is not always possible to predetermine any spot or stains removal.
  • Do you move furniture?
    No, we do not move furniture unless there are special circumstances at technicians discretion. Please have any items you wish to have cleaned under or behind removed from the area you wish to be cleaned.
  • Should I vacuum before carpet cleaning?
    Lightly vacuuming the traffic areas is recommended but not a requirement. The technician will pre-vacuum the area to be cleaning if needed.
  • What do you consider a room or area?
    A room/area is typically considered to be 225 square feet (15 x 15). Dining room/living room combos are considered two areas. Any area over 225 square feet but under 450 square feet is priced as two areas. Non- standard areas such as (baths, halls, landings, walk-in-closets, etc.) are priced separately from your standard areas generally at a lesser price depending on square footage of area.
  • How long will it take for my carpets to dry?
    Dry time can be affected by temperature, air flow, and humidity in the area cleaned. It can take anywhere from 6-24 hours for the carpet to dry completely depending of the variables previously listed. Using fans, Air conditioning, or heating systems on depending on the time of the year can help speed up drying time. remember to leave the protective blocks under the furniture legs until carpet is completely dry to avoid color transfer. Walking on the on the carpets immediately after cleaning is optional but avoid street shoes that may track soil back onto your freshly cleaned carpet. Also make sure to be especially cautious when walking from damp carpeted areas onto non carpeted surfaces to avoid slipping.
  • Why should I have my carpet protection applied to my cleaned carpets?
    A specially formulated protector can be professionally applied to your freshly cleaned carpet/upholstery. The protection helps your carpet and upholstery resist soiling from dry soil, oil based and water based spills by filling each fiber of your carpet with a protective coating. This coating expels the other soil and spills allowing you more time to cleanup the spots and spills before it is able to soak into the fibers which helps you keep your carpet and upholstery looking its best between cleanings. In addition it can make vacuuming and cleaning up spots easier.


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