Natural Stone Restoration

Ready to bring your stone back to its original luster?

Our certified technicians provide natural stone restoration services through a process of grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing.

For Natural Stone Restoration in Los Angeles, CA,

we restore the following back to its original look and luster:

Step 1: Grinding

smoothin the wall grinding

During this step, lippage can be removed or flattened to give your surface a more plush look-and- feel, while also ridding your natural stone of any unsightly scratches that are more deep into the stone.

Step 2: Honing

Our advanced equipment allows us to begin building your stone back up to what it once was, with a more refined finish that removes the remainder of any stains or scratches that are left. This leaves your stone looking refreshed.

Step 3: Polish

if you are not impressed with the factory shine. We can take it up a notch and polish your stone to your desired finish, whether it be a gloss, semi gloss, or a matte finish.

Step 4: Sealant

The final step is to apply a sealing agent in order to protect your desired finish and deter future damaging elements from penetrating its surface which will allow your stone to shine its brightest for the foreseeable future.

​​We Care About Results

Over time your natural stone counter tops, floors, and showers can show signs of all it has endured...from stains to scratches and etch marks or efflorescence. Even freshly installed natural stone can be left uneven, called lippage. -- which will only worsen if it is neglected. It's time to bring your stone back to it's original luster.

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