Tile & Grout Cleaning

Save Time and Back Pain

Scrubbing away for hours on end is a thing of the past when you allow Top Tier Cleaning Co. to provide you with a cleaning.


Regular Maintenance Recommended

Maintaining your tile and grout is important. Not only to keep up an immaculately fresh appearance but a regular cleaning is important to the health of your family, employees, or clients as well.



Being that your tiles grout is a porous material, as your grout ages it may experience some degradation or color loss from all it has endured due to spills or tracking soil through the high traffic areas. when your standard cleaning does not allow the optimal result that you desire there is no need to be discouraged, there is another option and that option is called color seal. 

Below are some benefits:

  • Durability

  • Coverage

  • Adhesion 

  • Oil Repellency 

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Tech Support 

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Application 

  • Stain Repellence 

  • Anti-microbial

Restore your grout to its original appearance with our premium color seal restoration service. It will transform your discolored grout back to its original exuberance by providing a layer of uniform color to your grout lines, giving your tile floor a clean and rejuvenated appearance. Along with improving the cosmetic appearance of your floor, color seal provides a protective waterproof barrier that guards your grout from spills dirt and debris. Color seal allows you to bypass the tedious and time consuming process of replacing your grout. It works works great on all grout installations and is a better solution that grout pens, dyes, paints, staining, or replacing your grout all together. We also offer a variety of colors so we can coordinate with your desired color scheme.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Los Angeles, CA

We are here to provide a service that produces the highest levels of customer satisfaction and a more clean and safe environment for those you care about.

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