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Yes, we do windows & more!

We obtain the highest quality results and customer satisfaction -- as efficiently and effectively as possible --by using the best techniques and equipment in the industry. To ensure we do this, our job is not complete until the customer is entirely satisfied with our service.

Hard Water Stain removal

Sometimes hard-water stains, also known as calcium deposits, oxidation, or glass corrosion, buildup on your windows. Our hard water stain removal services can save you hundreds when compared to the cost of replacement. Through our series of chemical washes, and/or other methods, we are able to break down those deposits and remove them to allow your windows to be as clear as they once were.  

Fixture Cleaning

We also clean light fixtures such as interior/exterior lamps, chandeliers, and more! Regardless of what type of light fixture you've got, it is very important that you ensure that is stays in good shape. Although the process of disassembling and cleaning a light may appear too much to handle, no worries our team of professionals is easily able to get the job done. We will make your fixtures sparkle and look like new again!

Post-Construction Cleaning

We also offer post-construction window cleaning services which includes removal of construction debris from glass such as paint overspray, stucco, cement, adhesives, stickers and tape.

Professional Window and Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA and Surrounding Areas

We use our expertise to provide the best window cleaning services possible whether for home or on construction sites for post-cleanup.

​​We Care About Results

Through our series of techniques, knowledge, and tools, we will provide the best possible results to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Regular Maintenance Recommended

As a post treatment and precautionary measure for the future it is beneficial to apply a protective sealer to your windows or adjust the irrigation system that was most likely the cause of your hard water stains.

Be sure to check out our service page for our complete list of services. 

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